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From the studio

Blackinkk card holders and wallets are entirely handmade (cut, punched and stitched without machines) with full-grain veg-tanned Australian kangaroo leather, at our light and airy studio in Brisbane.

As maker and owner of Blackinkk (a brand with strong values for hard-work, discipline, style and individuality), it is very important to me to create beautiful products that represent quality with extraordinary craftsmanship.

No two handmade products are identical. Why? Minor differences and a technique mastered over the last few years in producing each product gives them a unique effect. With so much attention put into each one, they tend to last much longer and perform better over time. This is the real beauty and real value of being handmade.

There is a huge focus on care and delivering the best product – the perfect design, the right stitch, the right colour, the best material and so on. We are proud of every product we make and scrutinise them far more than their mass produced twin would be. We have developed an eye for detail and a desire to continuously improve. If something does not pass our approval, it won't be passed on to the customer.

The story behind designing, creating and making each product is very important to us, which we will share with you throughout our journey with Blackinkk.


Materials and technique

Kangaroo Leather

Kangaroo Leather is commonly acknowledged as one of the strongest lightweight leathers available. Read about kangaroo leather and learn why we use this amazing leather to make all Blackinkk card holders, sleeves and wallets.

Julius Koch Tiger Thread

Widely regarded as one of the best threads for hand-stitching leather. Very strong braided polyester thread which is waxed for hand sewing. Manufactured by Danish company Julius Koch.


The handsewn saddle stitch creates leather goods with a stronger suture that last much longer than the traditional lock stitch created by sewing machines. Atleast, Martha Stewart thinks so...

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