Father's Day 2nd September

Father's Day 2nd September

Card Holder - The 'Two' Pocket


Carry cards in the back pocket with room for extra cards or cash in the front pocket (easy access with a cleverly designed front pocket lip). Reduce pocket clutter and say goodbye to bulging skinny jeans pockets with it's slim profile.

Carry it smart in your jacket or simply in your hands (same width as an iPhone makes for perfect hand carry).


Back pocket thumb cut-out for easier access to frequently used cards, and front pocket lip for quick access to cash

Holds 2-8 cards with 2-4 notes

Dimensions: 70mm wide x 98mm high x ~3mm thin

Classic Tan
Blush (Ships 17 Aug)
Burnt Tan
Chilli Red
Graphite Grey
Green (Ships 17 Aug)
Hot Pink - Ships 17 Aug
Mocha Brown
Nude (Ships 17 Aug)
Purple (Ships 17 Aug)
Sapphire Blue
Turquoise (Ships 17 Aug)
Vintage Brown (Ships 17 Aug)
Vintage Caramel (Ships 17 Aug)
Vintage Chocolate (Ships 17 Aug)
Vintage Tan (Ships 17 Aug)
Vintage Truffle (Ships 17 Aug)